Review Delta Sky Club LAX

The club is large and it is nicely laid out.  I got in for free using my Amex business platinum card. You can bring a guest in for $29.00.  After checking in you can go straight into the main club.  It has lots of seating but nothing private and the seats are all facing each other. The seats are comfy but no where to lie down.  There are 2 beverage bars.  One in the main room and one in the secondary room.  The main beverage bar has a fountain soft drinks. The bar has a variety of cold beers, wine, hard liquor and mixers.  Gourmet coffee machine and brewed coffee.  The food was plentiful on the buffet.  More than enough choices for a full dinner.  The food was varied and looked pretty healthy if you made the right selections.  The dinnerware is bowls instead of plates which I really like.  They have sticky rice, chicken breast, lots of vegetables, soups, salads and desert.  The showers are under construction so no review.  The bathrooms were centrally located in the club.

I would give this lounge a 4 star out of 5.  Getting in by using the American Express card for free.

Now that’s a deal!

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